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recovery_requests.GIF (2307 bytes)To request recovery services please phone our 24 hour Toll free Hotline at 1-888 241 DATA (3282). Overseas customers can phone 416 - 465 -4103. Our tracking system will track your media through every step of the recovery process. Please call to receive references and/or testimonials on past  work we've done for our many satisfied customers. This is our way of guaranteeing you feel secure in Accurate Data Recovery as your professional data recovery company.

Please complete the evaluation request form and print out. You can use the" file-print" feature of your web browser or we can fax you a copy of this form when you call for service.

Please see our Shipping details page on how to package your media and include an original signed copy of the evaluation request form. It is best to package hard drives in a anti-static bag and allow for plenty of soft protective foam or bubble wrap around your drive.

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Our customer service representative will suggest which express shipping service is best for your area. For US and international customers, priority overnight service with any of the major carriers includes free Custom Brokerage. Do not ship your drive by Ground Service. Custom Brokerage fees are charged separately when parcels are sent by ground and you will be billed an additional $16.00 for this service. Ground shipping and can take up to 10 days for delivery and there is no way to track the package until it is delivered. This applies to US government mail or UPS ground service.

Please include a copy of any special boot diskettes, undo disks, passwords, repair utilities already used on the drive, and perhaps the hard drive controller card if the unit is proprietary or very old.

Accurate Data Recovery is not responsible for unclaimed items left in our shop after 60 days. Payment of approved quotations is due in full, when your data is successfully recovered and ready to be returned. We currently accept the following methods of payment:

VISA, AMEX, Master Card, Company cheque, International Money Order, Electronic Bank Transfer.

Click here for the..... Evaluation Request Form

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