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removable_media.GIF (2140 bytes)Free Diagnostic Evaluation.

Immediately upon the receipt of your disk (Iomega, Syquest, floppy, etc.) an evaluation of the condition and recoverability of your data begins. This process usually involves a substantial investment in time and resources. At Accurate Data this service is provided free of charge.

A comprehensive report will be faxed or e-mailed to you usually within 3 to 4 hours of having received your media at our facility. The report will detail whether the problem stems from the hardware (physical) or software structure (logical), or both. A firm estimate of the time involved and firm cost of the recovery is included in the report. If you decline our quote your drive will be immediately returned to you in its original condition by your choice of courier.

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Accurate Data Recovery Services is recommended, trusted and approved by the leading media and drive manufacturers and we have consulted with them to develop unique and powerful recovery utilities. This has placed us in an industry leading position of being able to recover 93% of data from Iomega and other removable disks.

We recommend that  another blank formatted disk or cartridge be sent to us together with the bad media.

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